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Breakfast Restaurant

Start your mornings by delighting yourself with a heartwarming breakfast.

The Pancake Factory by YOLO Rainforest is open Monday to Sunday from 8 AM To 2 PM offering the most exquisite Gourmet pancakes on Aruba. With a variety of pancakes whether you want to enjoy a savory or sweet breakfast. We provide Dutch, American, Japanese, and Belgium style pancakes, you can choose between our many flavors & styles to suit or excite your palate. We also offer a variety of healthy and delicious breakfasts for the whole family.

With its stunning décor and creative ambiance, Pancake Factory offers the perfect setting for any special occasion, whether it’s for a relaxed breakfast or fun brunch with your family and friends.

Pancakes are happiness which creates a great day.

Pancake Factory is located in Rainforest Cafe Yolo on the hotel strip in the Cove Mall.